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(n.) A person who signs up or talks about attending certain events, but never shows up.

Fred: Hey, where is Bob? I have his name here on the sign up sheet.

Lindsey: Man, that tool Bob never comes when he says he will. What a no show.
by trongee December 18, 2007
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1. Verb: To not show up to an event/work/etcetera

2. Noun: Someone who does not show up to an event/work/etcetera
1. He was supposed to come to work today, but because he had a hangover, he no-showed.

2. He was supposed to come to work today, but because he had a hangover, he was a no-show.
by H.M. Switz February 20, 2009
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v., to not show up. Basically it's the verb form of the noun phrase "no show".
He noshowed for band practice... AGAIN...
by Neven Mrgan January 18, 2003
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Spurious claim made by a recalcitrant party that an impasse results from past-actions of another party when that other party is open to new attempts.
-- So she thought he lacked fomo.

-- Yeah, but, really, he was nogo.

-- And now he's all for not pretext-dwelling on past-cases, but she still takes an obstructionist noshow position.
by sukadog April 14, 2011
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one who proclaims a particular ethic or commitment yet whose choices and behavior patterns prove otherwise. Similar in type to a hypocrite, "no-show" labels someone as untrustworthy, unstable and purposefully two-faced.
"He professes to be such a Chrisitan yet he is a no-show to his family and friends and only thinks of himself."

"Mr. Jones gives a ton of money and time to charity but is a no-show to his wife, his kids and his church."
by DLS2 February 22, 2007
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(n.) A person or object that fails to turn up when it has been arranged to appear.
Adolf Hitler: Those jews were a no show for thier shower today.

Rommel: I guess they thought better never than late, eh?

Adolf Hitler: Yeah.
by Kung-Fu Jesus June 15, 2004
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