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A region on a body commonly referred to as a "private part". Normally a reproductive system (ie: penis or vagina) or the breasts of a girl.
Girl motioning first to her chest, then her lower region: "Stop, don't touch me there, 'cause these are my no no squares!"

Boy: "I bet I could make them yes yes squares..."
by Bob Swirly December 12, 2008
a square/area that is a part of a girl or boy, that is refered to as a no-no.
Sorry man, its just so tempting!
by holly&kristen February 19, 2008
The vagina of a girl.
Know as the No No square because of the product the NO! NO! (no hair no pain) for shaving.
Used so that people do not know that you are talking about the vagina.
Why "Square"? No idea.
"You look weird, are you Ok?"
"I'm fine, its just that my No No square is really itchy!!"
by JustWantTheWorldToKnow December 18, 2013
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