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A "no bullshit attitude" is an amazing thing to receive from someone who knows what they are doing or talking about, isn't willing to listen to whining or a bad attitude, and calls you out on your mistakes so you can improve on them.

And they expect you to know not to take anything they say personally, because they don't mean to. They don't know "who you are" anyways, so why should you be offended, and why should either of you care?

It also means they don't want to hear about your "style", If you're working for them, they've been there for longer than you, have earned their stripes, and simply just know better.

A "no bullshit attitude" isn't an asshole boss though. There are three-strike rules. They take the charge and pick you up when shit is hitting the fan. They give you responsibilities which are reasonable. They will however call you out and not disguise their lack of patience when they see irresponsibility, laziness or carelessness.
I wonder how this guy even got the job. He acts surprised every time he's called out when he fails to perform a responsibility he agreed to when he read the job description. Clearly he can't handle our no bullshit attitude.
by hfontana August 14, 2016
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