An emotion where you don't want to do anything or talk to anybody.
Also equivalent to "Can you not?"
Random guy- "How's it going?"
Me- "no."
by okay, whatever, you suck balls April 08, 2013
question: Ya wanna?
Answer: NO
by Megan February 27, 2003
the answer to anything that parents/annoying people ask you...
mom: Pick up your shit
you: no
mom: I'll ground your ass
you: no
by a mother fucking boss January 27, 2014
Meaning, No, that's not it.
The opposite of yes is no.

Person 1: Are you divorced and looking?

Person 2: NO and NO, where did you get that information from?

Person 1: Urban Dictionary.

Person 2: I see.
by Somerandomperson1234 February 24, 2013
No... the most effective answer to any question and/or demand made by anyone of equal or lesser athority. No can be used in any situation but its recomended use is NOT against someone of greater athority such as the following:
-(Wrestling) Coaches

Misuse of "No" can lead to the following:
-Any number of STD's
-A blacked eye
-A kinfe to the liver
by Leauge of Evil Super Heros January 02, 2011
NEW ORLEANS AKA N'orleans! A wonderful city in the durty south (but full of stalkers in the gift shops). The women here are fyne as hell and have that sexy thickness to must be all the creole food. The sights are wonderful and the weather is great!
I'm about to catch a flight to N.O, I heard the women do and stick all on the flo'.
by Woman4Women April 02, 2008
N.O is short for New Orleans.da town where lil wayne is from
aint nottin hotter den dat N.O
by reppinATL July 30, 2006

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