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1. (n.) A Person who is obsessed with the popular dance game "Dance Dance Revolution" (DDR).

2. (n.) A .com website that contains information on DDR as well as other dance games, including arcade machine locations and song lists.
A.I heard that Ben was a real DDR Freak.
B.Yea, he can tear up some Across the Nightmare Oni!

A.How do the steps for Afronova go?
B.I dunno, why don't you try looking on ddrfreak.com ?
by Bkid May 15, 2005
42 3
One of the largest websites dedicated to dance dance revolution
"I'm going to check out DDR Freak for Extreme songlists!"
by Bryce Anderson November 10, 2003
18 1
Term used to describe a really good or really obsessed Dance Dance Revolution player.
That dude is a ddrfreak.
by Dan April 03, 2004
19 6