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A task that is easy or simple -- usually said in response to being asked to perform it, to mean you will do it and it won't be difficult for you.
- Will you carry those boxes out to the garage?
- No sweat, boss.
by Coell December 19, 2005
just do not worry, usually about small problems
u worryin bout dat gettin bak dat $1 boi??...cumon itz jes $1!!!...dont sweat dat!!!
by krol May 16, 2005
100% Union made clothing brand. They make converse style shoes that are just as good quality as but unlike the Nike owned converse, aren't made by children in sweat shops. If you like cons, go out and buy No Sweat instead.
No Sweat don't use child labour, therefore they are better than Nike.
by Rose_17 January 20, 2006
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