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1.To fuck.
Originating from the horse breeding industry where "service" is a euphemism for bringing the stud to mount the mare. Same as tupping in sheep breeding.
2. To have sex with a mardy bitch to keep her happy, as in a mechanic servicing a car to keep it running smoothly.
From the 'The Talented Mr Ripley':
Dick Greenleaf (Jude Law) on a boat trip: "Marge needs a service" - winks at his mates and proceeds below deck and give his sulky bird a good seeing to.
by silkpouch September 04, 2007
1. A term to describe someone, or their ass or vagina, essentially regarded as a passive sex object i.e. meat to be fucked. Often used with misogynist intent about women esp. hookers.
2. The act of vaginal or anal intercourse.
3. Male prison slang similar to (although more graphic than) the prison use of bitch. A generally younger, hot assed prisoner used for sexual gratification.
1. "Woman, get your pants off - I want me some bitchmeat!"

2. Prisoners in the shower discussing the new boy:"Hey Butch, look at that hot butt on the newbie - sure gonna make a fine piece of bitchmeat"
by silkpouch August 31, 2007
Adjective to describe a guy who is well hung and whose beautiful cock and balls look as good buldging from within his underwear or pants as they do flopping out naked.
"Hey, look at that cockilicious guy jogging along the beach in wet white speedos!!"
by silkpouch September 02, 2007
The attitude of loving having a cock, showing it off, and revelling in all the pleasures that it brings.
In the locker room:
"Look at Buster swaggering up and down in his new underwire jock. He sure is cockproud."
by silkpouch September 02, 2007
A noun meaning sexual intercourse, literally 'cock to pussy'.

Derivation: A pun on the title of the James Bond film / book 'Octopussy' in which the lead character, Mr Bond (double agent 007), gets plenty of 'cock to pussy'.

Hey babe, we've had a great night out, now how about a little cocktopussy (wink, wink!).
by silkpouch September 10, 2007
Money earned by a male prostitute for the customer service he gives with his meat, and the pleasurable stimulation provided to his clients' cocks.
Hustler's accountant: "Brad, just write 'cock money' in this box on the tax return to indicate the source of income."
by silkpouch September 03, 2007
A cool cockproud guy who gets so much sex his mates joke that he must have 8 cocks to manage it all.

Derivation: A contraction of cock and octopus.
Timmy is such a cocktopus he gets laid almost anywhere he goes. He even got some bitchmeat during a dental appointment - he fucked the hygienist!
by silkpouch September 10, 2007

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