Probably the most annoying excuse of a word ever invented. Used mostly in Instant messengers and text messaging it is a way for the other person to show you that they could give a shit about what you think/do/exist etc... it stands for "nothing much" and should never be used by any man or woman. and if used tell them they are a fag and should go kill themselves.
Bob: yooo.
Fred: Eyy whats good kid?
Bob: nm.
Fred: Your such a fag man you should go kill yourself.
by I69HARD!!! November 24, 2009
Nothing Much
NM What Are you doing
by techmaster16 July 03, 2014
A nigger moment; acting very niggerish for a short period of time.
God damn it Ivan! Your so god damn black! Stop having an N.M.!
by Borock March 10, 2007
This is one of the many annoying "chatspeaks" that illiterate dumbasses use because they can't take the time to write it out.

If not much is going on, can't you take time out of your boring life to type "not much"?
Bob:So, whats up?
Bill: nm
Tiek: Can't you take the time to type out "not much"?
by Tiek October 30, 2004
Shorthand for Nothing/Not much.
Person 1: What's up?
Person 2: nm
by Bri March 08, 2004
internet abbreviation.
nm = Never Mind.
A: Did you bring the car?
B: er...
A: nm.
by timothykhoo September 17, 2004
A police term used for Negro Male.
We got a 459 NM in progress. (burglary)
by trigon August 22, 2003

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