A farting old man who nibbles McNuggets on his ace hardware lunch breaks.
Hey. Nizzle, can you go get me a McFlurry in a few!
by scrawlberries January 03, 2009
A word from the izzle language created by the famous hiphop artist Snoop Dogg
mean's nigga'.
That's my nizzle for shizzle
by Awele July 12, 2005
snoop dogg's version of nigger/nigga/niggah/nigerian
fo shizzle mie nizzle
(for sure my nigger)
by James Brown June 24, 2004
Its the same thing like saying Nigga except you make a slang word from another slang word.
"Whats good my nigga?" "whats good my Nizzle?"
by Chubbs June 02, 2004
means nigga very offensive to our black race damn whites should not say that to a black dude that knows what that means
fo shizzle ma nizzle means fo sho my nigga only should be used by blacks
by nassoun October 10, 2006
Although most commonly used to mean nigga or brother, alot of white kids use it to mean penis. It's actually a common slang for it in my area, So someone coudl be using it for that too.
"I am the ultimate nizzle" "dude.. do you have any idea what you just said?" "yes. I am the big penis" "... well then..."
by Melly November 12, 2004
No real meaning-created by Snoop to make words rhyme.
(With out)Ooh shit my nigga, I'm gone fuckin beat ass
(With) Ooh shizzle my nizzle, I'm gone fizzle bizzle your izlle
by Tiffany November 09, 2003
A stuffy nose.
Hit me right in the nizzle, got it ALL over his hand! :-D
by mjhfinder August 23, 2003
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