When you go down on a woman, vigorously lavishing in the act (see fnar fnar) while tweaking her nipples simultaniously.

The raised arms and facial action - much like the action of a motor boat, but to the snatch region, should be representative of Richard Nixon's double handed victory sign.

Best results are returned by mumbling "I am not a crook" into the vaginal area.
Woman: "Oh yes, Yes, YES! You are such a bad boy!"
Man (or woman): "ruhuhuh - I am not a crook"
Man 1: "What were those noises, and what's all over your face?"
Man 2: "Oh that? I was just giving your mum a Nixon"
#growl out #cunnalingus #motor boat #eating pussy #eating out #oral #foreplay #head #blow job
by ArrSicaR March 02, 2010
Top Definition
A bowel movement. Shit.
I gotta take a nixon.
by Geezer December 04, 2003
When the shaft of a male's penis adhears to his scrotum or testies via sweat or uncomfortable clothing and positioning. When when viewed from side or at a profile view, bears resemblence to former President Richard Nixon's face.
Man his classroom's way to hot. I've totaly got a nixon going on!
#noun #noxin #bat wing #skin cup #dick sweat
by Ressaler July 16, 2006
(Verb) A variation of a motorboat. While a man is shaking his face between two breasts he will hold up peace signs and say "I am not a crook!"
He started to give me a motorboat but then he started giving me a Nixon
#nixon #motorboat #breasts #face #president #crook
by shazwald February 02, 2010
Getting fucked over. Taken advantage of. Named after President Nixon.
"Dude, I just got nixoned!"

"Oh man, my HMO nixoned me."

"I'm going to nixon that guy."
#nixon #fucked #over #taken #advantage
by ghammer August 03, 2013
A man who attempts to engage in intercourse without a condom without his partner's awareness... i.e. a tricky dick.
"I don't think I'll be seeing him again. He's a total Nixon."
#trix rabbit #trixon #responsible #forward-thinking #clean
by tra4 February 14, 2012
Fecal matter that is not completely diarrhea, yet not solid either. Also known as the triple s' (semi-solid shats), the nixons commonly have the look and consistancy of seaweed. Usually appear the next morning after a long night of drinking. Many times they "attack" suddenly and without much time to react.
"Dan had to run to the bathroom as fast as he could cause he was attacked by a case of the nixons."
#ass milk #the runs #diarrhea #the shits #hershey squirts
by SpookN November 30, 2005
Female Breasts. Particularly attractive breasts.
Shit, jackson, look at the nixons on that betty!

That chick with Danny's girlfriend has a serious set of nixons. Is anyone tapping her oval office?
#breasts #tits #boobs #sweater meats #fuck bumpers
by Tyrathect May 08, 2006
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