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NISAD, an acronym for "Nigga Ill Suck A Dick", this acronym can be use in various different sentences. Made up by Mauricio Morales.
Whats up NISAD!
nothing much nisadddd
yo u joining the NISAD army?
fuck ya no problem.
by amorales January 21, 2008

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This is a definition of a way of life, not just an action.

When you subscribe to the NISAD way of life you become a member for life, as you have taken the first step towards liberty, and freedom.

You have become part of the underground movement known as "Nigga I'll Suck a Dick" or NISAD for short.
Welcome my friends to the NISAD tribe.

What's up NISAD?

HI, This is Mike Tyson, NISAD member for life.
by CharlieHotdogger January 28, 2008