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An overrated but good rock band from the early 90's. Kurt Cobain and Co. reached an extreame amount of fame in the early 90's with the release of their album "Nevermind." Largly considered the nail in the coffin for 80's glam rock, these guys brought an anguished sound to the world with a cool mix of punk and alternative (i.e. Grunge).

The band's fame was immortalized when frontman Kurt Cobain blew his head off with a shotgun.
"Yeah Nirvana was good.. but Guns N' Roses was better"

"Damn im tired of people saying Nirvana is the best band in the world cuz they really didn't have much talent. People only like em cuz Kurt killed himself."

"All Nirvana did was open the floodgates for crappy alternative music"

"Nirvana is OVERRATED"
by MrBrownstoneXIV September 24, 2005

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