The best band of all-time. See Kurt Cobain.
Just a pity Nirvana are gone.
by dref said right June 04, 2004
The worst band ever to be in history. Death will come to you if you listen to these idiots sing
Person 1 - "Did you listen to Nirvana's new song yet?"
Person 2 - "NO! They make you die if you listen to them!"
Person 1 - *AHHHH! Im dieing! HELLLLLLP*
Person 2 - "HELP! HELP! My friend died!"
Ambulence person - "What happened?"
Person 1 - "He listened to a Nirvana song, then sadly, he died"
Ambulence Person - "Oh, yeah, that stuff is deadly, stay away from it, that is our number one killer this year"
Person 1 - "Yeah I know. Okay, thanks! Take care! :)"
by Jonathan Michael December 21, 2006
A band that you don't know shit about, and you don't understand. You pretend to like them but you can't even GRASP what Kurt Cobain stood for. You think you're hardcore because you own the Bleach LP while I own a first print. While playing Bleach, you beat your girlfriend or make fun of a homosexual. Go back to listening to your shitty Poison or Guns and Roses, n00b.
You don't know shit about Nirvana, shut up.
by calownsj00 September 10, 2005
a strange eastern religious state of euphoria reached when you blow out the back of your head via a shotgun blast to the mouth (DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME,heh-heh!!)

a pretty decent band which alot of fags like to badmouth while talking up how great the red hot chili peppers and guns and roses are
Nirvana is far superior to gnr and prolly a little better than RHCP just for the mere fact that they weren't flamboyantly gay male street prostitutes from Hollywood California.
And because they were a little more rocking.
by up with weed /kill fagz August 09, 2004
the best fucking band there ever has been/ever will be
kurt cobain is my god, nirvana changed my life etc
by kat March 14, 2004
OK nirvana was a good band and if you are think why people called them GOD because it was a new sound and people where sick and dier of RAP and POP.And mtv made them popular thay didint want to be popular and littal moronics didint unter stand nirvana ,Nirvana was great the beast new sound ok now there is going to be a new nirvana there not going to sound like nirvana or look like nirvana but there going to be fresh new sound and thats why people are going to like them becasue RAP is all the some now thay just say yoyoy and where is my money and pop is goign donw hill and so is rock all this pop puck shit is real boring and stupid and rock now is shit all this babby babby shit is going to make me puk we are leting pop take out we neeed some one to set up free from all this shit like nirvana did thay opined the mined of all and 30 years from now we will be looking back at 1992 we will be looking at nirvana not rap or pop and we will be looking back at his songs and life not at rap and pop and you see it has bin 8 years sint's his death but we still talk about him because he is a legend.
now that's what nirvana was not about populaty and his fans he hate fans
by matthew krynicki January 10, 2004
The best band to ever come from the NW. Or a crappy religious place.
Smells like teen spirit
by fastkilr March 30, 2004
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