great band whose best album WASN'T Nevermind, In Utero, or Unplugged. It was Bleach, sons. That raw grunge-metal sound was never present on their later albums. But it's all good.
Nirvana is good.
by negative creep March 05, 2004
The Seattle "Grunge" band that brought the genre into the mainstream. Lead singer Kurt Cobain took his life( or was mrdered some say), you know the drill. The greatest band in the world? Well that's subjective. What I might love you might hate. But we should all aree to hate the whiny posers who think they're so edgy and such music experts because they depise watever becomes popular and mainstream. Any band and song ("smells like team spirit" kicks ass)that can launch a formerly underground genre (that you claim to be fans of)into the mainstream cant be as lame as you try o make it sound, so lay off with harsh insults. And to the douchebags who say things like "Thank God Kurt Cobain blew his head off!", fuck you and you're going to hell.
Nirvana was a pretty cool band.
by h8theh8rs August 29, 2006
Ultimate proof that appealing to teen angst and how being a martyr gives you insanely overrated musical talent and massive staying power. Nirvana was simply a decent grunge band, just like Pearl Jam and Alice in Chains, and no better, but because Kurt blew his head off now we have a group of massive posers that think by liking Nirvana that makes them connoisseurs of music.
Kurt Cobain himself said he didn't want Nirvana to become a band that every dipshit that thought that they liked "real" music enjoyed and had t-shirts and other shitty merchandise. His music actually criticized on SEVERAL occasions people like today that think too highly of Nirvana or take them too seriously. He sayed he wanted Nirvana to stay as a small, only at most a semi-popular band that only a few people true to the genre would actually enjoy. Now highschool punk fucks are raping the wishes of the very lead singer they tout so highly of.
by TheVoiceOfReason June 26, 2005
1. A state of enlightenment which Buddhists achieve when they have good Karma.

2. An extraordinarily brilliant Grunge rock band lead by Kurt Cobain, whose death is unknown but is predicted to be suicide. Their most successful release was 'Smells like Teen Spirit' but they also released plenty of other brilliant songs.
1. (Can't think of an example)

2. Oh god. More pop, rap and R&B songs. Can't we just have another Nirvana come along and save us?
by Cheeseweasel March 13, 2005
Posibly the greatest band off all time. Fronted by Kurt D. Cobain (1968-1994) on guitar along with long time friend of Kurt's Chris (Krist) Noviselic on bass and Dave Grohl (Now with the foo fighters on vocal/guitar) on Drums.

Nirvana's first album Bleach was realeased in 1989 but did not sell well. This is the only album (apart from a later album "Incesticide") to feature Chad Channing on Drums.

Nirvana Hit it big in 1991 with Nevermind (Which unfortunatly , in my opinion, is not as good as bleach) and the song Smells Like teen spirit. This is when Nirvana-mania hit the world and the band became a global sensation.

After Nevermind came Incesticide which was intended as a stop gap album following the success of Nevermind. This album is full of Out-takes, Demo's and Non-album singles along with John peel and mark goodier BBC radiio sessions.

In 1993 Nirvana release there long awaited second major label release In utero (Bleach was released through Sub - Pop records whereas Never mind and In utero were on DGC) . This album was a harsher sounding album then Nevermind (which is what Nirvana are all about)and gave us songs such as "Heart shaped box" and "all apologies"

On the 5th of April 1994 Kurt Cobain commited suicide (although some people say he was murdered (i will leave it to you conspiricy theorists)) at his Seattle home.

in November 1994 Nirvana released the MTV: Nirvana Unplugged album (recorded 6 months prior to kurts death)

Nearly 2 years later in Ocober 1996 the second posthumus Nirvana album From the muddy banks of the wiskah was realesed. This album was a selection of live recordings from shows around the world

In 2004 10 years after Kurts death Nirvana released a box set of 3 Cd's and 1 DVD called with the lights out (a line from Smells like teens spirit)

In 2005 an album of B sides and rareties called Sliver : the best of the box was released

Kurt Cobain often wore Flannel shirts
My favourite nirvana songs are : School, Blew, Floyd the Barber, Heart shaped box, Old Age (rare) and , without sounding like someone who doesnt know about Nirvanas music, Smells like teen spirit
by Twisty9897656 January 04, 2006
Nirvana is the greatest fucking band of all time ! You CANNOT compare them to Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, or Metallica. If you do, you clearly are RETARDED. It is a completely different kind of music, grunge. It mostly expresses teen angst. Kurt Cobain (R.I.P) supposedly commited suicide, sadly, but I personally believe he was murdered by his fucking wife (Courtney Love). Just read the last for lines of his suicide note ! WTF !?!? The handwriting changes and so doesn't the mood of the letter !!

Although Nirvana's message was that they didn't want to be used just to make money. If you've barely heard any songs by them, get your ass to the store and buy the album simply titled Nirvana. It'll give you a taste of their music and if you like it, go and buy their fucking awesome albums.
person 1: "I hate Kurt Cobain!"

me: "Fuck you, you probably don't even know what happened to him. Go rot in hell. You probably listen to fucking gay Paul Wall and that gay rap shit*. Nirvana rocks !! "

*Not all rap is shit.
by B!TCH September 10, 2006
1.Grunge band, from 1985-1994. Very popular in the 1990's with the album "Nevermind".

2.Buddhist term for being in a perfect harmony.
2.I have reach total nirvana.
by nirvana563 May 07, 2005
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