Probably the most overrated band of all time. Kurt Cobain couldn't play guitar, nor could he sing, and could barely write.

His skill at guitar was so pathetic and limited that he was only able to play power chords and his guitar solos consisted of only two strings as a maximum. As a vocalist, he had a scratchy voice with a one-octave range. His vocal range was so horrible that he wasn't even able to hit the high notes when he covered the Meat Puppets' song "Lake of Fire". He often ripped off other bands (Killing Joke, The Breeders, The Pixies, Husker Du, Meat Puppets, Butthole Surfers etc.) and based his sound on their own. He even went as far as to steal a riff from Killing Joke's "Eighties"; changed it up a bit, and then used it for his own song "Come As You Are".

He was also an awful lyricist and most of his music consisted of simple wordplay that had no real meaning.

For example, let's take a look at a verse from "All Apologies":

"I wish I was like you. Easily amused. Find my nest of salt. Everything's my fault. I'll take all the blame. Aqua-seafoam shame."

And honestly, that has got to be some of the worst lyrics I've ever heard in my life.

Now let's take a look at "Smells Like Teen Spirit"

"With the lights out, it's less dangerous
Here we are now, entertain us
I feel stupid and contagious
Here we are now, entertain us
A mulatto, an albino
A mosquito, my libido"

Do you see any meaning behind these lyrics? I certainly do not. Seems to me like Kurt didn't care for anything that he wrote.

Krist Novoselic - He played bass, just not well. Some talent here, but pretty much mediocre.

Dave Grohl - Probably the only truly talented member to ever be in the band; the only member who actually had his instrument mastered and the only member who has songwriting talent.

Oh, and before you click that little thumbs-down button, let it be known that I was formally a fan of Nirvana in the past. But now I've grown up and have a developed taste in music and it's hard not to pick up on how simple his music is.
Nirvana are the most overrated band of all time; and anyone who disagrees with this statement likely doesn't have a broad taste in music.
by pseudonym-abody [Error 404] June 11, 2009
A band often claimed to be over rated by idiots who don't recognize talent (most commonly Nu-Metal fans, hip hop fans, etc.) Put an end to shitty music for a few years, but then it inevitably returned when Cobain comitted suicide.
Nirvana is a great.
by Jo June 25, 2003
A band that would have never existed if it weren't for Pixies, as admitted by Kurt Cobain.
Nirvana was more popular, but Pixies allowed them to exist.
by some random person April 11, 2005
Simply the best thing ever, whether it be the band or spiritual enlightenment
Nothing is as good as Nirvana
by kymcleod November 08, 2003
Seattle rock band that put a lot of guys wearing spandex and playing Charvel guitars out of employment until Kurt Cobain blew his brains out, thus making it safe again for bands like Poison and Motley Crue to start putting together reunion tours upon realizing that kicking cocaine and alcoholism isn't good enough to make people like you again.
There are numerous allusions to bodily fluids, excrement, and urine on many of the Nirvana albums. The fact that people would rather listen to that than "Cherry Pie" says something.
by Squid Wrangler March 24, 2005
In Buddhism the state of release from the bondage of Karma and rebirth where desire and lust have been ceased to have power and no renewal of existence will take place after death. To gain Nirvana was the goal which the Buddha set before his followers as a supreme end to their efforts and longings. The northern school of Buddhist teaching has interpreted Nirvana to mean an actual paradise of existance after death attained as the reward of a saintly life on earth.

2. Nirvana is also a band. The core of the band Nirvana was Kurt Cobain, lead guitarist and vocalist, and Krist Novoselic, bass player. After going through many many different name changes and member changes, Kurt and Krist met Chad Channing, who became their drummer for their debut album. Some of the other notable people that were in the band, or its earliest incarnations, were Buzz Osbourne and Dale Crover of the Melvins and Danny Peters of Mudhoney, among others.

Nirvana recorded their Bleach album for about $600, a dark, crunching album containing simple, guitar driven like Negative Creep and School as well as more sophisticated songs like About a Girl, and a modified version of Shocking Blue's Love Buzz. It was released in June of '89 by Sub Pop records. After recording, Nirvana went on tour after the addition of guitarist Jason Everman. Jason was added because Kurt wasn't sure he could handle singing and playing guitar at the same time. Jason also helped contribute quite a bit of the money to record the debut LP.

After touring and and looking for another label, Nirvana was bought out of their two year contract by DGC, David Geffen's record label. They recorded their Nevermind album in May of '91 at Smart Studios in Madison, Wisconsin. It was released on September 13, 1991 and went platinum in about three weeks, mostly due to the song Smells Like Teen Spirit, which has been labeled as the anthem of generation X.

After a massive tour in support of Nevermind, Nirvana came back to the states. A collection of B-sides and rarities, called Incesticide was released, and sold well despite very little fanfare. After touring constantly, Nirvana once again returned to the studios in March of 1993 to record their long-awaited new album, In Utero.

Originally, DGC was not pleased with the album at all. Their first comment upon hearing the recording was, "Nice demos. When can we expect to hear the finished album?" They thought that it had no commercial value at all, and would let Nirvana's fans down after the slick, radio friendly Nevermind album. A few of the songs were later remixed or rerecorded, but the majority of the album stayed the same. One of the reasons why it may not have sounded quite as great as Nevermind is that In Utero was recorded in two weeks. Most of the vocals were done in one day, with the help of a lot of cough syrup, and a lot of the songs were recorded in one take. It was also plagued with problems regarding Krist's bass playing, which was frequently inaudible.

But, after working out their difficulties with their company, In Utero was released on September 14, 1993 in the United Kingdom. Due to an unforseen delay, it was released in the United States on September 21, 1993. The foreign version also contained a secret track, Gallons of Rubbing Alcohol Flow Through the Strip. It was labeled as a "Deflated American Dollar Purchase Incentive Track," and is now available on bootlegs and import CDs only.

Nirvana returned to the road, playing in the states and overseas. On January 8, 1994 Nirvana played their final American show in Seattle, Washington. They then toured Europe, playing their last show on March 1 in Munich, Germany.

After returning to the United States, Kurt Cobain dissapeared after jumping the wall at the Exodus rehabilitation clinic, where he was undergoing rehab for a heroin addiction. Several days later, on April 8, his body was found by an electrician at his house in Seattle, Washington. Kurt had been dead for several days, the victim of a self inflicted gunshot wound. He left a suicide note near his body, explaning why he had killed himself. Fans still didn't accept his death, and many haven't still.
1. Monk: I have been meditating for a long time, but finally have i reached Nirvana.

2. -I like this music, what's the band called?
-the band is called Nirvana.
by Max March 10, 2005
one of the best rock bands of all time. kurt cobain, krist novoselic and dave grohl had tried and suceeded in what so many other bands had failed to do...make music that appealed to a large variety of people. even the vast majority of hip-hop and rap fans can't deny that "smells like teen spirit" was in a league of its own.

it just wasnt smells like teen spirit, it was the other, more "unknown" songs that kurt wrote that appealed to the disenfranchised youth in particular. look at the lyrics in something in the way...i bet you any money 99% of teenagers have thought about being in a place like what kurt is describing...a cold, wet, unrelenting homeless existence. by the way, it is untrue that kurt himself had been homeless, sleeping on the banks of the wishkah river.

truly one of the best and most influential bands of all time
if you listen to a nirvana album, you will find a state of nirvana
by nirvana.kanks April 09, 2005
One of the greatest bands ever formed. The Gods of Grunge. They have given inspiration and strength to a whole generation of kids, even though they are no longer together, their music will stay in our hearts and minds forever.
Even though I was only nine when Nirvana played in 1993 I was still the only third grader singing "Rape Me".

Kurt - RIP I miss and love you

Krist - Volim Te

David - I Love You
by *Dee* December 06, 2006
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