The GREATEST band ever !!! Now, although some people do not think Kurt Cobain was a good vocalist, he was. Who else can pull off screaming the way he did and make it sound so amazing ? Nirvana is usually classified as grunge although there are some assholes who say "Nirvana was mainstream so they're not grunge." Negative. They are. Cobain recognized that they had become mainstream and supposedly he hated that. If you listen to their songs in order of which they were recorded, you'll notice how they do become somewhat more "popish". But that's okay, all of Nirvana's song are unique and just fucking amazing.

Many people consider themselves fans of Nirvana just because it's cool but they can only name one song. Which would probably be "Smells Like Teen Spirit". Yeah, it was a good song but it's been overplayed so much on radio stations and such. So go and listen to these songs by Nirvana just because they're are the fucking greatest songs ever recorded:
(btw, I'm not listing the wicked popular songs because you should already know those)

- Love Buzz
- Negative Creep
- Rape Me
- Aneurysm
- Been a Son
- Lake of Fire cover
- Sliver
- Where Did You Sleep Last Night
- Breed
- Drain You
- Lounge Act
- Territorial Pissings
- Stay Away
- Oh the Guilt
- Sappy a.k.a. Verse Chorus Verse
- In His Room sometimes confused with Verse Chorus Verse
- Marijuana
some 14 year old little goth douchebag - "I love Nirvana because all the other goths do"

me - "Dude, goths are gay. You don't have to be a goth to listen to Nirvana. Go cut yourself and drown in your miseries but don't dance, kid, don't dance. Goths just can't dance. If there was a gothic bible, dancing would be a sin. Anyways, NIRVANA FUCKING ROCKS !!"
A shitty grunge band that only deserves respect from people for making alternative music mainstream. Kurt Cobain couldn't play guitar for shit, clocking in at about 3 or 4 power chords a song, however he is commonly ranked among the top guitarists in history (Rolling Stone placed him 39 spots over PETE FUCKING TOWNSHEND). The only good member is Dave Grohl who is a monster on drums and his ability to kick ass with his band, the Foo Fighters

It's interesting to note that Nirvana is used as some sort of a "fashion accessory" by 12 year old kids in order to make their music taste seem "cool" and "hip," when in reality they only know Smells Like Teen Spirit. Ironically, said 12 year old kids worship Kurt like he's some sort of god, when actually that is the complete opposite of what Kurt actually wanted, proving that many 12 year olds are, in fact, posers.
inb4 thumbed down to oblivion by 12 year old Nirvana fans
by peebags October 14, 2011
A criminally overrated band fronted by Kurt Cobain. Though some good came of the band and the associated grunge scene (the destruction of Poison and Ratt), the negative effects were far more pronounced. Real metal was dealt a crippling blow as well, and depressing heroin rock was able to dominate thereafter. Though grunge died in 1995 with Cobain, the effects of Nirvana's "whiney generation" revolution are still being felt today. Nu-metal and mallcore filled in the vacuum left by heavy metal, mimicing the simple chord progressions and detuned guitars that were present in the grunge movement. Post-grunge rock, which has blossomed into many lackluster subgenres, still bears the simplicity and downcast attitude, as well as the whiney vox of the grunge movement.
"My generation is dwarfed by the baby boomers, what a bummer," -Cobain
by AdmiralDavidov August 08, 2005
Now-defunct three-piece band formed sometime in the Eighties. Famous hits include 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' and 'Come As You Are'.
by Tom September 13, 2003
1. A band that hipsnter teens will name whenever they're trying to sound cool or edgy by making it seem like they have "good" taste.

2. To be honest they're actually a pretty decent band but they get a lot of hate because of people like example #1. Kurt could write catchy fun songs to sing along to but at the end of the day he is still pretty low on the list of "grunge" frontmen at the time whether you rank it by singing or guitar playing, but again, they're a decent band.

And stop quoting Smells Like Teen Spirit because you think it makes you look 3dgy, it doesn't.
"Hey man I really like Nirvana!"
"You know, Kurt Cobain, Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic!"
"....the guys who made Smells Like Teen Spirit..."
"Go fuck yourself."
by Chuck Boley August 22, 2013
the state of true peace that buddhist try to reatch with meditation...and one of the best bands i'v listened to
the monk told his studdents that with alot of meditation anyone can reatch nirvana
by jamie herring May 15, 2008
The best fucking band ever. A grunge band from Aberdeen, Washington who completely saved rock as we know it. Whenever a band is put in a catagory of "post grunge", it means after Nirvana.

Most people know a couple key songs like "Smells Like Teen Spirit", "Come As You Are", and (my favorite) "Lithium". They're the most kickass band ever, and if you say otherwise you're probably into rap, hip hop, pop, or some other piece of shit music.

R.I.P., Kurt Cobain.
Nirvana was a popular grunge band in the late 80's and early 90's. They made great music, and Cobain was killed not suicidal.

Don't do drugs, kiddies!
by nirvanajunkie May 13, 2006
best band on the whole damn planet. some people say Kurt Cobain couldn't sing, but, man, that was all part of the music. members: Kurt Cobain, Dave Grohl, and Krist Novoselic. if you own an album or want to buy one, don't just get nevermind, buy the whole fucking collection. it's worth it
The ultimate grunge band is definitely Nirvana
by zeppelinlover November 14, 2005

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