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nipqueer is a new age term to describe some one that is totally awesome and an extremely attractive person. (usually african-american.) On another account, it is also rarely used to describe someone who is extremely odd and only has friends who pretend to be so. They usually portay rodent like characteristics and are obsessed with being close to their friends in urinals. Typicallly men descibed as a nipqueer are people with names begginning with B-K. They have feminine qualities and try to have a great physique to create a diversion. Nipqueers are very rare and freakish people who should be dealt with carefully or avoided in general.
- Hey sista, look at that studly black guy shootin hoops.
- ohh girl, that the bad type of nipqueer! I bet he shave his legs!
by nipqueer August 27, 2009
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