one who is skilled in the feild of fodeling a womens nipples.
god ur such a nippler
by matt b April 16, 2003
Top Definition
Something or someone that is so good that it/they make your nipples hard.
Noun: Fisher Reed is so hot. He's a total nippler.

Adjective: That was a nippler party. This cake is so nippler.

Variation: dude, hes not a nippler, he's not even a nip.
by hellzabaygruh October 29, 2010
A male who is very big nipples, almost women like.
Check that nippler
I can see throught that dudes shirt, hes such a nippler
by Jamie Cockburn March 27, 2007
someone who often has a nipple erection.
" that nippler allways has a nipple erection."
" that bitch ass nippler has a god damn nipple erection!"
by oater December 16, 2007
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