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a name given to a girls erect nipples
mate have you the nipple-ons on that girl, careful they'll poke your eyes out !
by keirse July 12, 2010
When a male or females nipple becomes erect by cold temperatures or the touching/licking/pinching/biting/twisting of the nipple.
Dude its so cold in here I could cut glass with this nipple on.

I just got a hard on from staceys huge and very noticable nipple on.
by Captian Hook January 18, 2009
When the weather is so cold that a girls nipples are erect through their bra and top, or a guys nipples can be seen through thick clothing.

This can be expanded to be 'Nipples on my feet' to mean a certain body part to be cold that doesn't actually have nipples.
Girl: It's a bit of a nipple on today
Guy: Yeah it's freezing isnt it
Girl: Yeah I've got nipples on my feet!
by Notinanywayme January 21, 2009
When you are out on a walk and its cold outside. Your nipples stand to attention.
I think I have nippleon.
by Pee in a box November 02, 2015
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