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1:a self centered dusche bag who is a total ass and doesnt care bout anything2:a chicks nipple thts so big it looks like a chicken nugget3:a young child or little faggoty ass fuck tart baby who steals a mans boobs cus his wife or girlfriend wont let him feel them cus tht nipple nugget wis allways sucken on em4:a fagot ass unicorn hater tht shits on diseased puppys and kills dinosours
1:tht nipple nugget just hit me!
2:god damn tht nipple so big its like a nugget
3:god damn nipple nugget let me have her tits u can share cant u, u fuckn nipple nugget
4:he just shat on my unicorn sir arrest this nipple nugget
by BAKER472=dgb August 05, 2011

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