Miniature nipples; often used for men with tiny nipples.
*two guys at the pool*
Guy 1: Dude you have nippies
Guy 2: Shut the fuck up
Guy 1: hahaha!!
by marisicaj April 19, 2011
The first high-quality, high style nipple cover you won't be embarrassed to show. Covers up aforementioned "perky and youthful" nipples when you can’t (or don’t want to!) wear a bra.
"It is chilly in here or what? That girl needs to get some Nippies!"

"That girl on the beach was wearing Nippies instead of a bikini top so she wouldn't get tan lines."
by Patch of Freedom July 10, 2009
When it's cold outside, it's nippy. Nippy can also mean cold, as in wrong.
It's nippy outside tonight.

It's nippy when your friend fucks you over. It's also nippy when your friend fucks your mom.

by NEVERNECK March 28, 2009
When a girls nipples are bigger than their boobs
That girls nippies are so nasty and unattractive.
She could choke her child nursing with those nippies.
by BOnoobies February 22, 2011
The word that the asian guy next to me at work uses instead of the word nipple.
I can see her nippy through her shirt. Fuck...makes me want to get breast implants too, but I don't get paid enough to afford them. I might get my cock hole stretched instead.
by YowieVirgil November 08, 2009
To Erect your Nipple when Cold
"Turn up the temperature, my nipple has fucking erected" - Said the Person
"Yeh it's so fucking Nippy in here, mines starting to Erect aswell"
by Andrew Pritchard August 28, 2007
A person who is a nerd and a hippy; but an uber-cool combination of Nerd and Hippy. Most nippies are also band geeks.
person1: Wow nerd, you're a hippy?
person2: No, i'm a Nippy.
by Joseph_Garcia February 18, 2008

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