a chinc or jap or any kind of asain. These kind of people can be found in many univeristys and your local electronic store playing video games.
" oh man i wanted to play that game at EB but that nipper was on that game like a fly on shit"
" fuck man i didnt get into that university some nipper got in before i did"
" man look at the size of that nippers dick! its tiny!"
by robby williams November 07, 2006
a racial name for japanese folk.
the cabin boy was flipper,
he was a fucking nipper,
he stuffed his ass with broken glass,
and circumsized the skipper.

Friggin' In The Riggin' - Sex Pistols
by Matt Stoner March 30, 2006
a term often used during a game of wiffleball. Refers to a when the pitchers throws the wiffleball and it nips the batter's body - rarely causing more than a small scratch.
Oh, that was a nipper. Sorry, my bad.

Ow, you got me with a nipper.
by Bosco March 29, 2005
1.A younger brother, later changed to an older brother in the interests of confusing people too old or unsafe as to what you were gwarnin about
2.Little bus that takes dirty people from one dirty area of Newport to another dirty area of Newport
1.Oh clart i seen your nipper up zanzi
2.I hope the nippers not full i can't be fukt walkin back to pill
by ebo in da port January 13, 2005
1. Any person of African-American descent who has accepted Japanese culture as his own. Quite often black samurais, or black computer techs.

2. African-American folk who reside in Japan.

3. Really Asian black people.
"If you're smart we'll call you a nipper, go back to the gutter and we'll call you a nigger."

Search the web for an image of Jaguar from Neocontra.
by Vitamin Darius January 13, 2007
An asian person, a chinc, someone that was born with eyes that are really slanted; and insult to use against asians
Damn nippers always got to have good grades in math and science, nippers are just so god damn smart with all that technology.
by Haradeo November 11, 2003
someone or somthing with slitted eyes
caleton grieve
by kd December 08, 2003
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