Nipomo has managed to remain much like living on the ponderosa despite having perfect year-round weather and straddling the 101 freeway. Typically residents travel by freeway 10 minutes to visit neighboring Arroyo Grande's walmart shopping center as their main form of entertainment.

Made up mostly of imports from California's shithole (aka the Central Valley) typically Bakersfield and it's surroundings. The other half of the population is white trash and mexican pickers, most of which live on welfare, smoke pot and watch netflix due to lack of entertainment. The local watering hole "jocko's" serves up half cooked beef in a filthy setting where you'll wait over an hour for a seat and then feel like your eating in a prison. Nipomo is blessed geographically but severely lacking much needed commercial development.
Living in Nipomo California
by nipomo1 January 05, 2010
Nipomo the greatest small town paradise to live in. Population is made up of rich people, average home price is $750,000+, weather is typically 69 degrees. Most people are rich and stuck up but others are rich and deny it.
high school or college student in range rover from nipomo says something like, "I am not rich! my parents just let me have their old car" and totally believes his own lies
by outsider looking in... December 01, 2011
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