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whiplash of the nipple or nipples.
Extreme soreness of the nipple or nipples from seatbelt or clothing malfunction.
After the fender-bender, Ralph discovered he was suffering from niplash.
by AnonMS June 18, 2007
Painful bouncing of the breasts that usually occurs when jogging while not wearing a bra.
I ran downstairs to answer to door in my pajamas and I got the worst niplash.
by dulcinator January 09, 2013
Noun (From nipple + whiplash) The tugging of the breast when a nursing baby turns to look at something behind him/her while securely latched on. When a baby decides not to take a break from nursing and suddenly and energetically jerks her head around to look up down and all around the room (still firmly latched onto your breast)
Baby dad burst into the room suddenly while I was nursing and I got a severe niplash.
by Babymama32 September 08, 2013
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