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The process of nipple hardening due to extreme cold
Fucking hell John, she's got a nip on
by Smirnoff Monkey September 16, 2004
Nipples made erect by cold temperatures. Name derived from the male hard-on.
Look at that chick singing the national anthem for the hockey game...She's sporting a set of nip-ons.
by JumpinJosephat March 21, 2007
to have an erected nipple.
haha look at the bird. its so cold or shes so horny shes got a nip-on!!
by josh chamberlain August 11, 2007
When a females nipple(s) become hard,like a hardon, only with girls nipples.
Sheila: Holy macoroli, this water is friggen cold, I think I'm
getting a nipon

Billy: You're fucking disgusting.
by banan0r of justice June 26, 2006
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