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The mysterious element that all nintendo products except for the Nintendo Ds Lite and DSI and parts of the Wii are made of. This Element was discovered in an unknown location sometime before 1985 by poor asian techies. the reason nearly all nintendo systems were made of nintendonite was because NINTENDONITE IS THE STRONGEST PLASTIC PHYSICALLY POSSIBLE!

Nintendonite is not represented on the Periodic Table of Elements because releasing the details of Nintendonite's atomic structure would enable Microsoft and Sony to use it as well. That, or it could just as easily be that Nintendo doesn't even know... they're so innocent...
My Gamecube fell out of the plane when we landed but it still works fine except for the "open disc tray" button, but that's okay because you can pry it open. (yes, even the Gamecube was made of nintendonite. and yes, it could survive something like that)

or: my town was invaded by zombies but i threw my original gameboy at them and it was heavy enough to kill them. then i played super mario bros for a few hours.

or: i accidentally dropped my Gameboy SP in the garbage disposal, but it was closed and the water was off and it's made of nintendonite, so it's okay.
by valentine99 February 24, 2009
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