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a fucking god, the best guy you ever meet.
nint forever and ever.
by nint forever December 20, 2004
Derived from the numeric Integral function of a calculator, 'nInt' is a verb that may replace any other verb that one wishes it to replace. Usually applied by calculus nerds.
Cindy enjoys dancing, shopping, long moonlit walks on beaches, and nInting.

Me and your mom nInted allll night.

He is a true nIntenator.
by proninter99 September 05, 2008
1. When something is so unbearably amazing that no other word can describe it, it is Nint-worthy.

2. When you experience something Nint-worthy, it makes you Nint, often in your pants.
"Hey everybody! The talking dog at the Shell Shack...is SINGING!"


"That just made me Nint!"
by Nintulus December 23, 2011