a whore, slut, dyke; a gay fucker like jared dimascio
Jared DiMascio is a ninner.
by Stupid Mongolian March 25, 2003
Top Definition
a womans boobs
or a fat man that nurses
your ninners are the size of dinner plates!!
by katie and darrin June 04, 2004
A ninner is another word for nigger so for all you white people who wish u could say nigger without getting shitted on just say ninner anywhere you want and the niggers wont know a thing
A yo my ninner come here.

I love you your my ninner fo life.

Check out that ninner over there lets get him.
by delrayy December 09, 2007
A damn sexy girl who couldn't say dinner. Apply's also to the definition above.
I want my ninner.
by Shaun August 09, 2003
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