A word used to describe someone in a bad way. If they are being annoying or dumb, you call them a ninkenpoop.
Girl: Wanna chill this weekend?
Boy: I can't. I'm busy.
Girl: You're such a ninkenpoop.
by claire o'smiley December 26, 2006
Top Definition
A dignified old school word that is fast making a comeback in a time when many contemporary insults are either too crass or becoming dull and overused.

This is the sort of insult that can be deployed with great effectiveness by all ages, whether in the schoolyard, the workplace, or the retirement village.

It is an insult with bite but which has an old-world quality, that adds a twist of the ridiculous.
I will not dignify that with a response, you pathetic little ninkenpoop!

Why would I take advice from a ninkenpoop like you?

Ninkenpoops such as yourself should not be permitted to graduate from kindergarten.
by thewordqueen October 27, 2010
Old Schooool..

Used to be a good word to use :)
At Primary School, and someone just told on you..
"GRRRR.. you Ninkenpoop!!"
by bexaaabexabex January 09, 2008
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