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The female counterpart to the ninja.
1. The ninja went home to his ninjina.

2. "Dude, that ninja had boobs!"
"Nah, that was a ninjina."
by Justin January 14, 2005
Some one who entertains you when your bored
"So what did you do last night?" "Talked to Taylor" "You talk to her a lot!" "Yeah she's my Ninjina"
by GreatBowlofSexy September 03, 2011
The Ninjina (Ninja + Vagina) is the mascot for the "Pussy Air Freshener," a cherry scented adult novelty product that you can display in your car, garage, or dorm room.
Phil: "Dude, it's pretty rank in here."
Jack: "Yeah, I wish the Ninjina would pay us a visit."
Phil: "The Ninjina?"
Jack: "Yeah, the Ninjina. He suddenly appears in a puff of smoke, and throws Pussy Air Fresheners like Chinese stars."
Phil: "He what?"
Jack: "You heard me."
by SuicideGear February 15, 2010
a supreme specimin of female genitalia, connoting
John: "So last night, Jane and I, y'know... for the first time. But DAMN! she had one HELL of a ninjina brah. My vision blurred and I saw stars."

Jack: "No... seriously?"

John: "Ser'sly brah. She had a ninjina dude... a nin-fucking-jina. Totally."

Jack: "Woah."
by J Vivs June 18, 2005