Some one who entertains you when your bored
"So what did you do last night?" "Talked to Taylor" "You talk to her a lot!" "Yeah she's my Ninjina"
by GreatBowlofSexy September 03, 2011
Top Definition
The female counterpart to the ninja.
1. The ninja went home to his ninjina.

2. "Dude, that ninja had boobs!"
"Nah, that was a ninjina."
by Justin January 14, 2005
The Ninjina (Ninja + Vagina) is the mascot for the "Pussy Air Freshener," a cherry scented adult novelty product that you can display in your car, garage, or dorm room.
Phil: "Dude, it's pretty rank in here."
Jack: "Yeah, I wish the Ninjina would pay us a visit."
Phil: "The Ninjina?"
Jack: "Yeah, the Ninjina. He suddenly appears in a puff of smoke, and throws Pussy Air Fresheners like Chinese stars."
Phil: "He what?"
Jack: "You heard me."
by SuicideGear February 15, 2010
a supreme specimin of female genitalia, connoting
John: "So last night, Jane and I, y'know... for the first time. But DAMN! she had one HELL of a ninjina brah. My vision blurred and I saw stars."

Jack: "No... seriously?"

John: "Ser'sly brah. She had a ninjina dude... a nin-fucking-jina. Totally."

Jack: "Woah."
by J Vivs June 18, 2005
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