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ninjaing- downloading software illegally and bad-ass stealthily because you're that awesome of a cyber ninja, also means you're doing cool ninja stuff BECAUSE YOU'RE A MOTHERFUCKING NINJA!

(to) ninja it- similar to "pirate it" or "pirating it" so see above definition

ninjaed- you've been ninjaed!
Real Life Ninja: (Can't download new video game) Ywaaaaah shaaooohwah! (Throws shuriken at computer screen)
Computer's Response: Ninjaing, ninja it, or ninjaed!
Game downloaded...loading...currently .000001%
Estimated time remaining is 1 Year!

Pirate: Yaaaarh! Got me some nice booty.
Ninja: (Holding pirate's internet booty)
Pirate: ...AAAAARRRRGH! I've been ninjaed!
by IMJUSTANINJA! June 24, 2011
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