A Twink 19 Rogue on Area 52 in a MMORPG World of World that is a Blood Elf, Which Makes her a proud member of the Horde. Ninjastatus has pwnd alliance in WSG and in still doing so to this day.

32 KB-0 Death record, and a 1k backstab crit is still in play but is going to be broken very soon.

She is in the guild Pulsar which is her own guild made for PVP name reasons.
Salidan-Blades Edge: Ninjastatus 32-0 absolute domination

Peverell-Blades Edge: Confirmed
by Usk August 02, 2009
Top Definition
to do something in a stealthy way, usually something you dont want other people to know about.
bob: dood i totally want some of that pizza

joe: ninja status!

(bob takes the pizza without anyone noticing)
by JameyB October 02, 2008
To do an activity or chore in the style of a ninja. The way a ninja would do it. Hiyaa!
We gotta get our homework done ninja status!!!
by Darby & McKenna June 29, 2008

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