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A ninja bitch is a woman who realizes a friend is attracted to her sexually and intentionally uses that attraction to manipulate him (term originated from the intellectual whores/ladder "theory" of male/female relationships).
She knows he fixed her computer because he's sweet on her. She wants "to be friends". What a ninja bitch!
by Alinama S. May 12, 2006
A girl who seems sweet and loveable and awesome when you start dating her, but turns out to be a bitch later, particularly by cheating on you.
"So, how are things going with you and Lisa?"

"Oh, we broke up man. She turned out to be a complete ninjabitch-- She fucked my best friend and didn't tell me for three months."
by Pebble January 17, 2006
(adjective/verb/noun/everything) like a muvvabitch, but with ninja like stealth qualities about them . or, just as a slang term for anything
1.'improvisin' like a ninjabitch',
2'i'm gunna ninjabitch you in the teeth'
by seonaid April 29, 2006
A female ninja
(Of course!)
*Reading book*
*Ninja Bitch steals money off dresser*
*Person stops reading book and looks at dresser and the money is gone*
by Alex Bahder May 04, 2006
Any attractive woman of asian decent
"BAM! Did you just see that tight ninja bitch?"

"yes; yes I most certainly did"
by SeptemberWasp May 27, 2005
You're now-ex girlfriend who pretended to be nice and sweet but then showed herself to be the most bitchy bitch in the world
Guy 1: How's your girl?
Guy 2: Not mine anymore. She's a ninja bitch
by Azden May 18, 2015
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