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Defined by splooging on a girl's face whilst she is asleep, and then quickly departing before she can discover who did it.

Must be quickly followed by "Ninja splattered, bitch!"
1) Bob: "Dude, our new pledge Rob totally ninja splattered Joanne to get in our frat."
Bill: "Ha ha that's awesome"

2) Joe jumps in through Jessica's window,lets off a huge load in her eye, then jumps back out the window, yelling "Ninja splattered, bitch!"
by MaximumCamoflauge March 08, 2008
1. Diarrhea so bad you can shit through a screen door.
2. When some one pisses you off, and you have ninja training, and that person you are mad at has a screen door on their take your explosive gas/fecal matter and blast it through their screen door; thereby causing the effect of the ninja splatter. This phenomenon occurs mostly in rural areas and trailer parks.
Jimmy cheated on me with my brother, he left his door open, so I hit his screen door with a ninja splatter to let him know I ain't taking it.
by Ninja_Star September 15, 2011

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