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raping someone without them knowing it. has to be done in three steps.

1. scream (known as ninja approach)
2. rape
3. leave note

it's nice to let people know they have been raped, it's the polite thing to do. that's why we leave a note.
Can't remember being ninja raped, but this note totally says I did...
by captain rape July 16, 2010
ninja rape is best explained in four steps
1. in
2. out
3. done
4. gone
*ninja rape happens* did i just get raped?
by xannon91 January 27, 2012
ninja rape occurs when a person is suddenly in your personal space on your ass..
you turn around and someone is suddenly on your ass out of no where with no warning at all and the intent was not to scare you but to have a legitimate conversation or conduct some sort of business. hence ninja rape.
by Cartera6 December 24, 2009
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