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Ninja driving is the phenomenon that occurs when you kind of know where you are, and you kind of know where you are going, but you have no idea how to get there. Then, by harnessing what can only be called "the force," you end up at the predetermined destination.

Many people have experienced ninja driving without knowing its name. Others have been trained by ninja driving masters. The concept of ninja driving can be extended to include ninja walking, ninja biking, ninja scootering, and possibly ninja public transportationing.
Say you are downtown, and you need to get somewhere in the suburbs that you have never been before. You're going off the grid system, yikes! You only have an address -- no directions. You decide to ninja-drive there. While ninja driving, you use landmarks and a trained sense of intuition and end up where you want to be. You never call for directions, you don't use the internet, and you never consult a map. You arrive at your destination.

Person: "Did you get directions off the internet?"
You: "No, I ninja-drove here."
by katelynR December 27, 2006
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driving at night without one's lights on. sluts often use this when trying to sneak home.
"my parents are in bed, good thing I mastered ninja driving."
by freetogettfried March 17, 2010
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