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a rich kid who thinks he's a gangster because he lives 50 miles away from anything remotely gutter.
trev-"what up fools ya'll mark ass bitches don't know bout the hustle"
random guy-"shut the fuck up trev you ninguino ass fool you live in the suburbs"
by king frankie April 14, 2008
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N. Typical mindless consumer; average individual; one whose awareness, interests and engagements are either egocentric, frivolous or otherwise constrained to a limited scope of focus.
On a typical Saturday afternoon the local mall is teeming with ninguinos.

Everyone knew Jenna was a total ninguino - she was clueless about everything but shopping, The Hills and Kim Kardashian.

Any ninguino can buy something; it is the intelligent consumer who knows what they need, finds the best product for their needs and buys just that.
by wyli broda July 27, 2010
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