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THE industrial rock band. All music written by Trent Reznor. Has some of the most penatrating lyrics of any music I've heard.
How could I
ever think
it's funny how
everything you swore would never change is different now.
like you said
you and me
make it through
didn't quite
fell apart
by joe May 04, 2004
Nine Inch Nails was a one-man-band fronted by Trent Reznor. With influences such as Ministry, he successfully debuted with his first full-length studio album "Pretty Hate Machine." Fed up with greedy record label bullshit, he made his own label, and released the highly successful Grammy-Award winning Broken EP. He then peaked with his follow-up, The Downward Spiral, getting huge hits such as Closer, March of the Pigs, and Hurt. This was followed by cocaine abuse and rehab for about 5 years, until he returned with an album some find okay, and some find brilliant "The Fragile." He then went on to release "With Teeth" "Year Zero" and his final album "The Slip." He has just recently found new commercial success as a movie soundtrack artist, mainly recognized for winning an Oscar with Atticus Ross for the (also award winning) film, the Social Network.
Black Guy: Whats your favorite Nine Inch Nails song?

Me: Just about anything from Broken to the Downward Spiral. He released some pretty good stuff afterward though.
by dicknugget October 24, 2011
Some retarded ass fucking band made up by the biggest homo in the world Trent Reznor. Some old, fat, lazy fuck!

Another name for the band could be Nine Inch Cocksuckers. You get it? Hes a homo and he likes to suck Nine Inch Cocks.

I wonder why he named it Nine Inch Nails. No wait I do, Its because he likes to nail nine inch cocks all day.
Person 1: Hey do you like Nine Inch Nails?

Person 2: No way they suck dick!

Person 1: Yea they do.

Trent Reznor: Your right I love it!
by The best person in the world 7 December 25, 2009
A great band named after the nails that were hammered into jesus christ during his crucifiction.
nine inch nails is the best band ever...
by matt sharp June 02, 2005
A: Marijuana is usually smoked as a cigarette (called a joint or a nail) or in a pipe or a bong.

If marijuana is a nail... then
"I sure wish I had a few Nine Inch Nails," says Stoner 1.
"I think you have a few nine ince tails," said Stoner 2.
by Sarhhuh September 15, 2006
A: Marijuana is usually smoked as a cigarette (called a joint or a nail) or in a pipe or a bong.

If marijuana is a nail... then
"I sure wish I had a few Nine Inch Nails," says Stoner 1.
"I think you have a few nine ince tails," said Stoner 2.
by Sarhhuh September 15, 2006
A shitty "industrial" band that stole from real industrial bands like skinny puppy. Real Industrial music was never meant to be mainstream. My sister's boyfriend said that Trent Reznor has his own record label because no other label would accept him. All the other record companies thought he was a poser. There is nothing unique about this band besides from the fact that it is the only industrial band that most people know about. The music sounds weak compared to other less-known bands. The only people who listen to Nine Inch Nails are preppy teenagers, people who are trying to be unique, and people who haven't found real industrial music yet.
I hate Nine Inch Nails because my bitchy stepmom talked about how they were pioneers of the Industrial music scene.
by You_don't_need_therapy June 23, 2010
So this fag named Trent Reznor is worshipped as a music god bescause he can "sing" the gay "OMG they are so deep and emotional and penetrating LAWLZ, I <3 T.R. 4 Lyfe "lyrics some corporation (probably Virgin Records or RCA) wrote for him and tells him to sing. He is the Ashley Simpson of industrial rock or whatever the fuck his gay music is called. Its not heavy, its not metal, its just plain shit. Who cares if he can play the keyboard and yell and scream and throw temper tantrums on stage, Trent Reznor is just a fag who does drugs, sucks the dick of the singer of pearl jam and supposedly writes songs about profound topics, but they are all really about how badly he misses getting raped by his drunk uncles. Now he is worshipped by mall goths who cant like a band unless they have at least two of that bands shirts in black from hot topic.
NIN fan #1: OMG i luv Trent Reznor, i want to suck his dick

NIN fan #2: oh god yes i want to suck his dick too

NIN fan #1: im so upset, my dad didnt have buttsex with me
last night

NIN fan #2: WTF man, liek thats so unfair, report him dewd

NIN fan #1: well i did get to suck his cum from my brothers ass, and he knows that turns me on so badly

NIN fan #2: oh, man that turns me on too, lets listen to som trapt cuz we are underground and kvlt as fux

NIN fan #1: fuck yeah, were so angsty and mysterious and dark, nobody can decipher how we feel because they are busy reading our sweet hot topic shirts with a sarcastic slogan on the front

NIN fan #2: i got it, im going to take a shit, freeze it and use it as a dildo on you while we listen to our super deep and emotional and underground NIN records

NIN fan #1: way ahead of ya brahski, you want my green poop from last night or the peanut crunch?

by Reginald Q. Niggerton January 23, 2007
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