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1)a man who dresses in an abnormal fashion, thinking they are somewhat "cool".

2)A euphamism for a person who is rather average at sport, who in actual fact believes they are rather athletic.

3) a term used to describe a poorly constructed haircut.
1) "man, why would you wear fishnets and soccershorts? are you a nimwah?"

2) "look at that guy run, he doesnt realise he is coming last...what a nimwah"

3) " mate surely you didn't pay for that haircut! that is a deadset nimwah!"
by theespionageessboy February 16, 2010
A describing word for an individual who is dimlit (not very smart/bright).
Wow (Insert name) you are a true 'nimwah'! You can't light a match under water!
by Choog wah May 16, 2016
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