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a more refined female nigger or nigro, that is generally skinny or tiny in build, educated, and conform to live in western society.
She does not (like the rest of her family) live off of foodstamps, koolaid, and fried chicken, but instead has a more sober life.
She is good enough to scrub floors, and do the laundry, and usually is a hardworking, polite and friendly being.

There are not many of them.

Many times a teenager niglet can be mistaken for one, but a true nigrette has leveled up from her.
She is living in the top of the female nigger society, is looked upon as what every female nigger dumpling wants to become; a woman who earns an honest buck!

She, unlike her african jungle family, is raised in the city, has a reasonable normal appearance (never comes up with weird fashions,like changing her hairstyle every 2 days, like the 'bee-nest-hairstyle' nigger, the ultra-wax nigger, and the double-wig niggers), and knows how to behave herself in superior (whitey) company.
She also knows how to raise her niglets well enough not to be an environmental pollution like the others.

Nigrettes are not from the same make and model as the FAT, loud bambonigger mama's out there!

And if a nigrette may get lucky, she can snatch herself a whitey boy that the whitey society had cast out!

She has accepted racism, and lives trying to let her attitude convince whiteys, rather than speak only 2 sentences: 'racism', and 'I will sue you!', like her nigross family
Look there, a nigger bitch that for once is not an annoying eyesore!

Yes, she is a nigrette, the top of the nigger society, and probably the only nigger in town that will send her children to college.

I can't believe my eyes! You don't see that every day!
#nigro #nigrette #nigger #woman #afro woman #afro girl #bitch #good person
by Fukaface! January 01, 2011
1 Word related to nigrette
refers to a small, black female child
Awww, look at that cute little nigrette. She's not yet a fully formed negro.
#negro #negress #nicorette #negroes #black
by progressivechick September 28, 2010
A non-black female that wants to be black.
My sister goes tanning in hopes to one day be as dark as a black person. She is a nigrette.
#nigrette #tanning #black #wanna be black #female
by Mynameisnotbobb August 29, 2010
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