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To negotiate with someone with the intention of screwing them over, usually by denying the deal was ever made once you have what you wanted. Combination of nig and negotiate.
I started a new job because my boss promised me a promotion if I sold 50K in a month. I sold 50K in a month and asked for the promotion. My boss said he never promised a promotion. He nigotiated with me.
by MARVMAN October 15, 2007
The common African American tradition of yelling as loudly and nonsensically as possible in order to settle a dispute. The winner usually either yells the loudest, swears the most, or is the one with the gun.
-Damn look at those two bitches going at it!

-Settle down bro, they're just trying to nigotiate.
by ConcernedCitizen2791 August 09, 2013
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