a racial slur of sorts, typically referring to a black person being negligent.
"Lamar lives in the Ghetto. Lamar is black. Lamar left the car in neutral, and it rolled down the hill, killing two people, injuring seven, and taking out a fire hydrant. Lamar is showing nigligence."
by Shawnxxxxxxxxnxxxxx October 17, 2007
When a black man has sex but doesn't wear a condom (pretty much all the time). This leads to accidental pregnancy.
Tyrone: I tapped Latoya 'bout a month ago & now the bit's sayin' she's pregnant.
DeAndre: Did you wear a glove?
Tyrone: Hell no! The glove don't fit!
DeAndre: That's some mad nigligence, yo.
by em=me June 24, 2011

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