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i little gangsterd out kid
not white
but black
a little kid stealing from a mini market.
"damn did you see that niglette?"
by ninnalikka September 16, 2005
Noun. A child spawned by their ratchete African Americans parents. Their behaviors are often rowdy and ratchet themselves.
Man: "Wow sir, you have a very hyperactive son."
Parent: "Yeah, that's my little niglette."
by PhilC January 16, 2014
African American, often found in large groups or circles called "clouds"
See tarbaby
As I drove my car past the cloud of niglettes, I made sure to lock my doors.
by waristhename December 03, 2007
Niglette - n - An African American youth; a term of endearment to friends, similar to "dude" or "bro".
What's up niglette! How was your weekend?
by Teh_Smexynest November 01, 2010
a half breed negro, a fake, a phony, someone who is sub par to the African-American race
"The niglette at the bank thought he was better than me..."
by BlackRams January 12, 2010