Top Definition
To wrangle nigs,
To get nigs together
Nigga 1:Yo nigga you wanna play some ball?
Nigga 2:Yea son we need more, call bovice hes a nigler.
by lomb son April 25, 2007
A young Nigger who started Burglary, before he is a full grown Nigger
"Who stole your tv?"

"That dirty little Nigler from nextdoor!"
by Tych July 10, 2008
A misspelling of the word nigger used to bypass online filters.
Guy 1: I just got a pet rooster.
Guy 2: Nigler please.
by General Sausage May 21, 2008
A confused nigger
"Honey our son Joe is being a nigler today! He says one thing and does the other!"

A confused african american
by al3k5 January 14, 2010

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