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Actually Nightrain is a very cheap 18% wine that gives you memory loss. Apparently before they hit the big time G n’R used to live on the stuff because they couldn’t afford anything else. The whole song’s about being drunk. Probably my favourite guns n roses track.
Tramp #1: You got any special brew?
Tramp #2: Forget that shit, I’ve got Nightrain!
by Picard November 16, 2004
1. a strong drink that causes memory loss
2. a night full of alcohol, drugs, and sex. wasted!!!
3. one of the best guns n' roses songs ever
Im on a nightrain
bottoms up
Im on a nightrain
fill my cup
Im on a nightrain
ready to crash and burn, I never learn
Im on a nightrain
I love that stuff
Im on a nightrain
I never get enough
Im on a nightrain
Never to return!!!!
by kickflip dude October 13, 2011