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the nightball, uh randumleh blaced objegd uv ballz thad abbearz in the night, iz noen to ged bizzeh with large rackz uv mota oil. that iz wai id haz ben cawlld, the "nightballbizrack"

nightball foah idz tendensee to be uh objegd uv ballz randumleh blaced that abbears in the night, bizrack beguz id lygz to ged bizzeh with rackz uv mota oil.

id iz vereh eazeh to nod nodizz the nightballbizrack, zo be garevul nod do sdeb on id beguz id egzbelz whide goo, whige iz briddy zig. but, thiz whide goo gan be uzed do gure zizdig vibroziz, and there'z no zciendific broov that zez that.
Oops i just steped on that nightball. Look out here comes the substances
by Rig Mogan March 23, 2003
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