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A term which describes arrows that are not on fire.

First used in the 2003 film "Timeline", the term was popularized by the podcast Movies You Should See.
They're shooting night arrows at us!
by kumarhk January 28, 2009
A catchphrase used by the listener community of the Simply Syndicated podcast network, whose podcast Movies You Should See first popularized the term.
Prepare the night arrows!
by kumarhk January 28, 2009
A game that originated in Perkins Green at the Rochester Institute of Technology in 2005 before the seasonal snowfall came and ruined everything.

It is played between two teams (2 people per team) at a distance of 10-20 yards on a flat field at night. One team tosses a frisbee across the field to the other team. The other team returns the frisbee in good nature. The first requirement for game-play is one successful volley. After the first volley, any participant who comes in contact with the frisbee above the knee without successfully catching it is eliminated.

In a typical game of night arrows:
- tosses accelerate in speed
- tosses that are thrown too far count for nothing
- tosses that land short are retrieved in a sprint and shot back at the serving team
- there is a 1 on 1 standoff left to decide which team wins
- silly shots are made that count for nothing
- feelings are hurt (sometimes)

The game MUST be played at night. Typically, the game frisbee does not glow in the dark. The originators of this game were intoxicated for nearly every game.
1. In the game of Night Arrows, the two trick shots originally conceived by the game's masters are "Young H.O.V.A." and "Bombs Over Baghdad"

2. Chris: Yo, are we playing night arrows tonight?
Lee: Yes.
Chris: I'm glad we are going to play night arrows because I am hammered!
Lee: That's fantastic, I have a frisbee and a bubbler, now we need another team of two people to play us and get schooled.
by 281c April 07, 2008

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