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An amazing blogger on Tumblr. Posts hilarious and relevant things.
Did you see that new gif that Niggress posted?
by Ashley Jensen March 22, 2011
A derogatory term for black female. The word ('gress) can also be used to avoid the obvious "nigg" prefix when in mixed company.
Billy Bob: Dude, check out the nasty whiskers on that 'gress.

Gunther: Dude, quiet down she will hear.

Billy Bob: Don't worry, I said, "'gress", she wont know.
by Jack Hildo April 18, 2005
A female Negroe often the mother of Nigglets,a smurfy nigga.
"That Niggress sho has a mess of nigglets . She gots mo chilrens than niggas in the corn".
by Steve Mandingo September 27, 2006
A black or african american female.
Check out that niggress.
by City Pig July 10, 2009
a female nigger/woman of african american descent

similar to tiger/tigress
"dude check out that niggress over there. i mean what the fuck?"
by corporalcockboy October 12, 2009
A female nigger, usually the wife of a monkey.
Barack Obama married a niggress.
by niggerh8er69 March 31, 2010