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soulful laughter. often accompanied by convulsions. often brought on by poking fun at the man.
cedric the entertainer makes me niggle so hard that colt 45 comes out my nose
by Avi Ehrlic January 13, 2007
1 8
To screw someone or weasle your way into something. Especially used while playing classic multiplayer video games.
Dude, you niggled me in Mario Kart.
by HCStyles October 20, 2005
132 66
In the Harry Potter movie white people or people who are not wizards or whitches are called muggles.
Black people who are not wizards and or whitches are called NIGGLES.

That is the right definition.
Snape: Harry and Ron when you flew the flying car the Niggles couldve shot you.

Ron: those niggles

Snape: You are dismissed just watch out for the niggles.
by Erinlikescatz. November 28, 2010
80 43
noun. reffering to a black person's nipples
Damn! That girl must have some huge niggles.
by Audra N. November 30, 2006
78 49
It's British slang for nagging someone....

Lizzie didn't have much to say, considering no one was talking to her. It wasn't a bad thing, yet she liked listening to a conversation. Not wanting to NIGGLE her way back into the conversation, she said, "So, why did you come up here?
by Lupin_Luver_MoonyxGirl August 22, 2007
53 39
Lawyer speak for a minor point of discussion in contract negotiations. Often used surreptitiously
in order to try and attempt to renegotiate key provisions or even an entire contract that is close to final signing
Lawyer: "Please see the attached draft with some niggles"

Lawyer 1: "I have some niggles from my client to discuss"
Lawyer 2: "Niggles?? WTF?!? That's a whole different deal!"
by isralawyer January 19, 2011
16 10
niggle nig-gull
1. noun Member of the African American Race who is less than 3 months of age,
2. verb To take a part of something in a small quantity.
Nelson: Can I niggle(2) some of that hot chocolate?
Nazif: No. You always niggle(2) too much you little niggle(1).
by Playa Pancho October 07, 2006
95 95
Nigel Archer, the most albino kid you'll ever meet
*Nigel walking down the hall*
Random person: Hey Niggle!
*Nigel sighs and walks away*
by vicken131313 May 13, 2012
5 6